Rolling Tryouts for 2022-2023 Travel Academy Teams

Rolling Travel Academy Tryouts continue through the summer for the following age groups: Boys Rising U9 (2014 & 2015), Boys Rising U10 (2013), Boys Rising U11 (2012), Boys Rising U12 (2011), Boys Rising U13 (2010); Boys Rising U17 (2006 & 2007). These teams train on Tu/Th nights through the summer. Please contact Coach Darryl at for more info and schedules.



PT2: Poplar Tree Park #2 (turf) 

Tryout Registration: 

Additional Tryout Info: 

  • All players must register before their tryout session. Once registered the player will be added to our TeamSnap account for scheduling and cancellation notifications due to inclement weather or other reasons.
  • There's a $25 tryout fee that will be credited to the player's tuition should the player make the team or to a future club program if the player does not make the team.
  • Players should plan on attending at least two tryout sessions. The coaches will let you know after the tryout session whether they will need to see the player again. 
  • Attire: Players are asked not to wear logos from other clubs in the area.
  • If the player is selected an invite will be sent via email tuition can be paid in full (5% discount) or in 5 or 10 installment payments.
  • Referral Program: See Our Referral Program Guidelines for Additional Information and Tuition Discount.
  • Current FC Dulles Travel Academy players do not need to try out. 


Pre-Tryout Info Sheet

  • Please read before attending tryouts for important information
  • Pre-Tryout Info Sheet: Click Here
  • Travel Academy info: Click Here

Tryout Fee Policy

**Tryout Fee Policy: Effective 2/1/2022. Because of past experiences and to avoid confusion for our prospective members committed to FC Dulles and to help efficiently manage administrative time, a $25 fee will be assessed when registering for all travel team tryouts and ADAP evaluations. Should the player successfully make and join either the travel team or ADAP program the $25 fee will be applied to that player's tuition for the season they are trying out for or being evaluated for. Should the player attend and not make the travel team or ADAP program, the $25 fee will be credited to the player's account to use in any future FC Dulles program. The $25 credit is non transferable. 

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