PASSION! Rec. Jamboree Closing Ceremonies

PASSION! Rec. Jamboree Closing Ceremonies

Passion is what all CSC players possess because of one thing: WE LOVE SOCCER!!

Pictures from CSC's Rec. Jamboree closing ceremonies on Saturday, Nov. 5, 2016:

Coach Benji is the Octopus

Micro-Academy Girls MVP: Evie Raider w/ Coach Andrew and Coach Marcelo

Micro Academy Boys MVP: Jacen Nix w/ Coach Benji and Coach Marcelo

CSC President, Darryl Forrest, addresses the players and applauds their hard work to improve.

Rec. Academy Participants:

Coach Benji's Team:

Coach Chris' Team:

Coach Darryl's Team:

Rec. Academy Girls' MVP Kaylie Clime and her sister Aleena:

Rec. Academy Boys' MVP, Karim Alkassem w/ Coach Andrew: