Registration, Selection, and Payment Process

  1. Pre-register for tryout/evaluations (Registration)
  2. Initial invite (upon being chosen for the team) to reserve your roster spot: Pay Travel Commitment Deposit of $200 (payment must be received within 48 hours after an invite to secure a roster spot on the team)

  3. Follow-up invoice:  Once the team is organized and reaches critical mass an invoice will be sent that includes the full year tuition (less the Commitment Deposit), Fairfax County field user fees, and VYSA fees

    1. Discounts that apply: Pay in full (5%); Sibling Discount (5%)

    2. Installment 1: Deposit plus 9 additional monthly payments 

    3. Installment 2: Deposit plus 4 additional monthly payments

  • The Commitment Deposit is due 48 hours after an initial invite to join the team. Failure to pay within 48 hours will release your roster spot to another player.

  • Players will not be added to their team's VYSA Official State Roster until tuition is paid in full or if on an installment plan, the payments are current. Players will not be released from an FCD team before the last game of the seasonal year (typically in June) until all release fees are paid in full. (see FC Dulles Financial Policy)

  • There are no refunds. If a team does not reach critical mass and is not formed all deposits and tuition paid will be refunded less a $45 admin. fee. 

  • Online credit card orders will incur a convenience fee depending on the type of credit card used. Cash and check payments will not be subject to service fees and must be paid within 48 hours of registering or the roster spot may be given to another player. 

  • Fairfax County field user fees are determined by the zip code of your home address used to register your player