Girls Travel Week 4, 10/3/16: Emily Patterson- CSC Fury 02

Emily Patterson, CSC Fury 02. Emily had a great game as the #7. She has shown tremendous growth and improvement this season because of her positive attitude and hard work in games and practices 

Girls Travel Week 4, 10/3/16: Chloe Nagel- CSC Spirit 03 Red

Chloe Nagel: CSC Spirit Red 03. Chloe has been making improvements on her game from week to week. Her efforts and positive attitude in practices and in games are contagious.  Chloe's contributions are highlighted in today's game with consistent and reliable play on defense, effective throw-ins, goal kicks and corner kicks, helping our team to a 1-0 shut-out victory.

Boys Travel Week 4, 10/3/16: Emmet Ledell- CSC Force 04

Emmet Ledell: CSC Force 04. Emmet had a clean slate as goalie this week ensuring a 1-0 win for the CSC Force. Emmet stopped a penalty kick and had several saves. He has benefited from the goal keeper training each Friday.

Boys Travel Week 4, 10/3/16: Kenny Murray- CSC United 03

Kenny Murray- CSC United 03. Kenny brings a fun competitive spirit to practices and games. Over the weekend he played goalie and made several difficult saves.