Girls Travel Week 3, 9/26/16: Alex Bartlett- CSC Spirit Red 03

Alex Bartlett is CSC's Girl's Travel Player of the Week for 9/26/16. Alex has been more vocal and communicating on the field at practices and at the game and has been a consistent force on our defense.  Her efforts were highlighted by numerous stops on defense at the game today, flying around and was fearless in making contact and stopping the other team's attacks.  The defense led to many opportunities for the offense in our shut-out 5-0 victory.

Boys Travel Week 3, 9/26/16: Kunal Verma, CSC United 05

Kunal Verma is CSC's Boys Travel Player of the Week. Kunal is the captain and starting goalkeeper for CSC's U12 boys team, United 05. His hard work, maximum effort, passion for the game, and his commitment to the team are key leadership skills he possesses. Goalkeeper is one of many positions Kunal excels at and his never give up attitude resulted in many great saves this past weekend.

Girls Rec. Week 3, 9/26/16: Ginny Tolson- Rec. Academy

Ginny Tolson is CSC's Player of the Week for week of 9/26/16. Ginny plays in our Rec. Academy. Her dedication and commitment are important elements in her significant improvement from last season. Her vivacious personality is reflected in her love of the game and very much noticed by the coaches.

Boys Rec. Week 3, 9/26/16: Lucas Long- Rec. Academy

Lucas Long is CSC's Boys Rec. Player of the Week. Lucas loves the game of soccer. He comes to play every week with a smile on his face and a desire to compete. He wears the #9 jersey and he lives up to it by scoring tons of goals. His celebrations are often heard around the field and across the parking lot. He loves all sports and is a true competitor in the making- a great personality trait for an aspiring soccer player.