FC Dulles FAQs

What Ages does FC Dulles serve?

FC Dulles serves the following age groups:


Eaglets: U3-U4, Micro-Academy- U5-U6, REC Academy 1- U7/U8, REC Academy 1- U9/U10 REC Academy 2- U11-U12, REC Academy 3 U13-U14

Travel: U9-U19/210

What is the cost of Recreation Soccer?

Rec soccer tuition run from $75-$145 depending on the age group. One practice t-shirt is included in the tuition fee. Addition fees include the Fairfax County field user fee ($8- in-county/$30 out-of-county), VYSA membership fee($10), Uniforms ($60-$70), & a soccer ball ($20). Equipment like shin guards, extra practice t-shirts are extra.

What is the cost of Travel soccer?

2022-2023 Tuition is $1850/year. Click Here to what's included.

What are the main differences between REC & Travel soccer?

REC soccer is aimed towards beginners and players looking to learn in a less competitive environment. The REC program utilizes a basic curriculum focused on fundamental skills.

Travel soccer utilizes a more advanced curriculum in a more competitive learning environment. Travel soccer requires significantly more commitment than REC soccer and is a one year commitment that runs from June 15 of the current year to June 14 of the following year. 

What are the deadlines to register for REC soccer?

Spring season: March 1, Summer season (Golazo!! Summer Outdoor League): June 1; Fall season: August 1; November 15 (Golazo!! Winter Outdoor League).

What is the deadline to register for Travel?

We conduct Travel Tryouts for our Travel Academy in April and May for the following season to begin on 6/15. 

We conduct rolling tryouts throughout the year during team practices for teams that have available roster spots.

How do I get my child on a travel team?

If you are interested in having your child tryout for one our Academy Travel Teams please register for tryouts (here) and contact us at

What are the REC soccer seasons?

The main REC soccer season are in the Fall an Spring. We offer REC programming in the Summer and Winter season in our Golazo!! Summer & Winter Outdoor Leagues.

What are the Travel seasons?

The travel season is a year-long commitment that runs from June 15 of the current year to June 14 of the following year. Players are expected to make playing with their FC Dulles Academy team their first priority in the Fall and Spring season and participate as much as possible in the Summer & Winter seasons. Travel teams will player between 2-4 tournaments/year and players are expected to attend and participate in the tournaments.

How are players placed on Travel teams.

The main evaluation period is through our formal tryouts in April and May. Players are evaluated by Club coaches using the following criteria: 

  • skill level,
  • game, and spatial awareness,
  • soccer growth mindset,
  • love of the game,
  • mental toughness
  • coachability 

Should the player make the team an invite will be sent to register and complete payment within 5 days of the date of invite. Typically, a commit deposit is required ($175) followed by the tuition payment.  5 & 10 month payment plans are available. A 5% discount is available to those that pay in full.

What league does FC Dulles participate in?

National Capitol Soccer League (NCSL)

How much travel is in 'Travel Soccer'?

Most younger teams play locally for league play and tournaments around the Northern Virginia, Maryland, and DC area.

We believe appropriate-level competition can be found at a minimum cost and least amount of travel possible. 

Older teams may travel further depending on competitive level.

Games can be either Saturday or Sunday.

Are scholarships available? 

Yes, need-based scholarships are available. Scholarship applicants should register, choose an installment plan, pay the first installment, and fill out the scholarship form linked in your first payment confirmation email. Once the form is completed the amount of scholarship award will be adjusted through the remaining payments for tuition only. Additional fees included but not limited to uniforms, County field user fees, additional practice t-shirts, team and individual equipment, and additional tournament fees are not included in the scholarship award. 

All scholarship applicants are expected to pay at least 50% of their tuition.